LEGO: Expand LEGO Council by adding Alex Lykov

This is a proposal for Alex Lykov, LEGO Operations, to join LEGO as a council member. For the past 4 months Alex has been managing operations associated with LEGO, including organising new submissions, overseeing budgets and financials, developing quarterly reports and streamlining communications internal and external to LEGO.

His impact has been positive and his addition to the LEGO Council would allow him to strengthen his foothold within LEGO and further improve budget allocations amongst grants.

If this proposal passes:

  • Alex will be added to LEGO Council and, consequently, LEGO Gnosis Safe multisig as 8th member.
  • Alex will be allocated an individual budget of 15,000 LDO out of LEGO’s communal budget.

If it’s rejected:

  • No changes to the status quo.

Proposed LEGO council composition

Pending approval, LEGO will be comprised of 8 individuals with a range of backgrounds and experience each responsible for a specific segment of Lido.

The LEGO Council:

Proposed LEGO budget changes

Allocate 15,000 LDO out of the communal LEGO budget, controlled by the multisig, to Alex’s personal budget. Lido’s treasury is not affected.


The change required does not affect Lido’s on-chain treasury or core smart contracts, but is not within LEGO’s council authority, so a Snapshot vote is created.

A link to the Snapshot vote will be added here once active: Snapshot


Alex’s work on is very cool, I personally would wouch hard for them to join the Council to do even more great things for LEGO!


I vividly recall wanting more detail on the LEGO process, so this would be something I support if it achieves that goal. Transparency has improved so if Alex is the reason, I support this.

Could I also request some of this work in an easier to analyze format such as google sheets?


Hi McNut, I wouldn’t take all the credit for LEGO’s improved transparency because LEGO committee members are also helping a lot in collection of this info, but looks like I am this irritating guy that asks question here and there about grants expenses :slightly_smiling_face:
Current main noticeable improvements are Financial Transactions page being up to date with lag not more than a week and LEGO quarterly reporting section created and filled retrospectively as well as updated after the end of each quarter in future.
There’s more internal work on processes being done and still needs to be completed of course.


btw this is my signed wallet:


The Snapshot vote started and will end at Aug 17, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC.
Please, take part!