Lido and MEV - Topics & Resources

The point of this post is to serve as a gathering-point for relevant posts, updates, and discussions with regards to MEV extraction and rewards (re-)distribution by Lido validators. If you see something missing please reply in the thread and I’ll add it.

Lido on Ethereum

Topic Category Notes
Rewards Distribution ADR ADR Original architecture decision record for rewards distribution mechanism
Post-Merge Priority Fee & MEV Reward Distribution Mechanism LIP (Technical Spec) Implemented on Lido Mainnet as a part of Merge-ready Protocol SP, to be utilized post-Merge
MEV extraction, reward collection, and validator monitoring research (scope: possible MEV-boost implementation) Research & Testing
Lido on Ethereum Node Operator MEV Survey Research & Testing
Ethereum MEV Extraction and Rewards - Discussion & Policy Groundwork Policy Discussion thread for the development of a policy around Ethereum MEV extraction and reward redistribution by Lido NOs

Lido on X

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