Lido Community Lifeguards Initiative

Why do I hope to apply to become a lifeguard for Lido?

  1. Early involvement with a professional team: I joined a professional team - Ebunker in the early stages of the staking track. Our team’s founder was previously in charge of staking business, managing over $3 billion staked crypto assets. Our technical team is also top-notch and has been responsible for building the technical architecture and development of staking services for several leading exchanges. I have always had a deep understanding and appreciation for Lido’s model and governance since the early days. Having the opportunity to learn from the best has allowed me to accumulate in-depth knowledge and understanding of Lido and staking. The knowledge and support I have showered by the Lido community since day one make me highly value the opportunity to contribute to the active community.

  2. As a latecomer and continuous learner: Admittedly, compared to the many outstanding members of the Lido community, I cannot claim to be a crypto OG… However, as a latecomer and constant learner, I have proven myself through transitions from a designer and educator to an investment firm professional and entrepreneur. Lido was the first project I came across when exploring the staking track. Within the Lido community, I have also benefited from the wealth of staking-related knowledge and technical discussions. Therefore, I hope to have the opportunity to give back to the community and assist newcomers and other users in answering their questions and addressing their difficulties.

Additionally, as an Asian woman working in the staking industry, I have noticed that female representation is still relatively rare. Every encounter with a female collaborator has always made me feel a sense of closeness and warmth. I hope to encourage more women working in the infrastructure-related track and represent Lido with my kindness and patience in serving more community members.

Why can I be a qualified lifeguard for Lido?

  1. Bringing diversity to the Lido community: Based on previous exchanges with the Lido team, I have a deep understanding of Lido’s emphasis on decentralization and the efforts they have made in this regard. Leveraging the rich industry resources my team and I have accumulated in the Asia-Pacific region, including industry VCs, asset management institutions, potential collaborative projects, and communities, I can greatly enhance the diversity of Lido community nodes. Moreover, in my personal capacity, I can be responsible for covering time zones friendly to the Asia-Pacific region and overseeing this vibrant sea , making sure no one takes an unexpected dip! :wink:

  2. Experience with solo staking: I have experience with solo staking. I have been involved in the operation of non-custodial nodes through our staking service and the deployment of self-developed PoS mining machine hardware. I have experience in setting up and managing Ebunker non-custodial node service clusters using Geth and Prysm/Lighthouse clients, which provides a better user experience for solo stakers in terms of staking and node deployment operations.

  3. Passion and understanding of Lido: I have a deep passion for Lido and a thorough understanding of its purpose. Ethereum PoS enables every user to participate in Ethereum consensus, but the barriers are still high for the majority of users. For example, users need to generate validator private keys, own 32 ETH, and maintain their own nodes, which can be challenging for non-technical individuals. $stETH perfectly solves these problems by reducing the entry barriers for joining ETH PoS, allowing non-technical users to participate and earn stable rewards, which makes me a HODLer of $LDO.

  4. Experience and insider perspective from DVT testing: I have firsthand experience with DVT testing for SSV and Obol, as well as a deep understanding of DVT technology. Our team members and I have participated in the SSV test network from 2021 to 2023, gaining a deep understanding of SSV DVT’s operation and actively addressing identified issues. We have also been involved in Obol’s Bia public test network, running validator clusters and participating in Obol’s Alpha mainnet testing. We are excited about the development brought by DVT technology and hope to witness new opportunities alongside Lido and the community.

What do I hope to achieve in this role?
The high-quality content and open and friendly atmosphere of the Lido community have always fascinated me. Lido’s contributions to the staking ecosystem, its focus on decentralization, robustness, and staking experience, are evident and commendable. I have had the privilege of experiencing and understanding the overarching goals and pursuits throughout this process and I am eager to participate and contribute to the thriving community. :heart: