Lido on Ethereum Node Operator MEV Survey


As a part of our Merge readiness and research into post-Merge validator rewards, in May-June 2022, Lido conducted a high-level survey of its existing 21 Lido on Ethereum Node Operators (NOs) regarding potential MEV extraction and rewards distribution post-merge. Please note that the answers received do not constitute any sort of commitment to any future actions. The answers to the three questions asked are provided in aggregate below.

In general, Lido NOs indicated that they are willing to extract MEV and are willing to conform to a to-be-determined DAO-ratified policy that would apply to the validators they run as a part of the Lido on Ethereum protocol. We also noted that NOs are also actively thinking about this topic independently of Lido’s questions, as 40% of LNOSG members are also part of Flashbots Eth 2 Working Group (this graph was compiled based on public info and not from a survey response), participating in MEV-related discussions on research forums, and giving talks or presentations on MEV at conferences.


The majority of respondents (76% Yes, 19% Undecided) are seriously considering extracting MEV either as a part of Lido or independently. One NO indicated they were not planning to extract MEV but would follow any DAO-ratified policy. 1 respondent stipulated that they would need additional information/clarity to be able/willing to commit to following a DAO policy. 85% of respondents would be interested in participating possible MEV-minimization experiments as part of Lido.

Q1: Are you generally planning / willing to extract MEV for the nodes that you run as a part of Lido?


Q2: Would you be able/willing to publicly commit to following a DAO-ratified strategy/policy with regards to the method through which MEV may be extracted and the rewards (re)-distribution allocation between stakers and node operators?


Q3: Would you be interested in participating in MEV-minimization experiments as a part of Lido?


Graph of publicly available data indicating NO involvement in Flashbots ETH2 Working Group.


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