Lido & PoolTogether - Everyone wins

Hi. I want to share that we have been putting together a stETH prize pool at PoolTogether.

We would love to work with Lido to grow a concept where everyone can win, building more positive through-lines in the space. We think this stETH staking pool with yield supporting public goods and awarding depositors is a clear path to do something good, have fun doing it, and to provide another positive usecase for stETH.


  • PoolTogether project to showcase the power of ETH and staking
  • stETH is pooled together and the rebase becomes the prize
  • 50% of the prize to random lucky winners. 50% sent straight to public goods
  • Deployed on mainnet and running for 5 draws on Mainnet. Also deployed on Goerli.


  • PT V3 has undergone several code audits:
  • The PoolTogether stETH contracts are built from the standard deployment factory that has been the home of hundreds of millions in TVL. 0xad1c620137fa76f520f9a39daacd7b008d7d2f2d

How to grow
Lido and PoolTogether can benefit from the positive impact focus of this pooling concept. In addition the pool drives demand for stETH. We want to work together with Lido to grow the pool. Here are some ideas on how Lido can help.

  • Awareness - Discord / Twitter post / Other campaigns to promote pool

Having a meaningful headline prize is key to the traction of the pool. Two ways that we can get there that are built-into the protocol →

  • Sponsorship - deposit stETH, the yield would go 50% to prizes 50% to public goods. Withdraw in full anytime. No-loss charitable sponsorship - not a meme. 1,000 stETH deposited as sponsorship would give us ~1 ETH per week prize which would bootstrap growth of the pool.

  • Incentives - LIDO and POOL tokens to incentivize deposits

We would love to hear thoughts from the Lido community about this concept. Together, we can further adoption for stETH, allow holders both large and small to participate in prize savings, and create a public goods primitive with the Lido community.


Hey, thanks for the proposal.

  1. For standing up the stETH pool you mentioned, it can be done by yourselves in a permissionless way, which may make total sense. This is the stETH/wstETH integration guide, in case it’s useful.
  2. Regarding the incentives, we now use this form to process inbound proposals for new allocations, in a monthly cadence. If you could fill it out (specifically for the incentives part of the proposal) it would help us go through it.

Hi Carvas, you maybe don’t recognize me without my turtle avatar :slight_smile:

I have been in contact with you on Telegram and Discord in regards to this project

Good news, the pool is already up and running! We have around 50 stETH pooled from several folks already generating prizes and contributing to a good cause. Unless I am misunderstanding your link to the integration guide - we are already integrated!

At your request I did submit an application to you via Discord on December 2nd. Did you not receive it? No worries if The Lido Community is disinterested, just trying to get some clarity here.

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Checked today and we did not receive the submission. Something on the form/notion may be broken on our side, testing it out.

DMed you to try to figure what went wrong there! Let’s proceed there

Happy to announce a little update. We’re partnering with The Giving Block to fund the creation of a community well:

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