Moving StEth onto L2 Arbitrum/Optimism

The Tx fee is skyrocketing. A lot of small ETH holders, like myself, staked with LIDO due to the liquidity. However, the ETH mainnet Tx fee has skyrocketed to a point, the small holders are being trapped in the mainnet.

I suggest we should move Eth-Steh to L2 ASAP.


I think this is a question of whether we have an incentivized pool on Arbitrum or Optimism.

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Completely agree. If technically feasible, Lido should implement staking on Arbitrum and/or Optimism.

Now that Uniswap, Sushiswap and Balancer have all deployed on Arbitrum, it should be easy to co-incentivize a stETH/ETH pool on one of those platforms (probably with SUSHI+LDO or BAL+LDO as already happens on the current Balancer wstETH/ETH pool).

Would be happy to help on the business development side here if needed

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