stETH rewards calculator

Hey ya,

I’m a user of Lido and stoked to have an easy UX with which to help secure ETH2.0 and make a bit of return on my ETH.

Something I’m struggling with at the moment is figuring out by what degree has my ETH grown since staking it in Lido.

My favourite UX in space is Compound and how it shows exactly how much collateral has been earned to date and how much COMP has been earned to date.

Is there something available for stETH that does something similar? An easy way to figure out how much ETH has been earned by my deposited ETH.

I understand that stETH rebases, I assume that means the balance of stETH increases over time in proportion to eth staking rewards, would it be as simple as comparing how much stETH I got when I deposited my ETH and how much I stETH I have now?



We’re working on it! We’re hoping to have something live in the next week or two. I’ll share with you for feedback once we’re a bit closer to launch.

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Thanks @kethfinex,

Look forward to using it, happy to help out testing. Will the repo be made public?

Hi is this out yet? I noticed that my steth balance has not increased for two days on Etherscan - not sure if it’s an Etherscan problem but an alternative way to see this would be great!

Hmm it should have increased. Can you confirm still no increase?

The calculator tool should be out in the next week or so!


It did increase today. I do notice this happens every now but fixes itself after a couple of days. Not sure why but looking forward to the new calculator in any case!

Was the calculator ever released?

not yet, unfortunately, but it’s in the works for sure

Thank you for the update!

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