Lido staking rewards as stETH stopped from 14th September

My Lido staking rewards as stETH stopped from 14th September, anyone has any suggestions what I need to do?

Please guide, thank you for your time and efforts.

i saw it yesterday too; But even tho the rewards transaction doesn’t show up as it used to, i noticed that my stETH balance still accrued today. Take a screenshot of your actual balance, and tomorrow look around the same time as usual to see if your balance as gone up.

It’s an error with the calculator. We are currently working on a fix. Rewards are still functioning.

In the meantime, you can query your stETH balance before and after latest Oracle report on Etherscan: Ethereum Token Balance Checker. Click Token Balance checkbox in Step 1, enter your address in Step 2 and in Step 4 first check block 15539080 and then 15539081 in which latest Oracle report happened (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)