Will I get continuted rewards if I tranfer stETH to another wallet after staking?

Hi guys,

I have a question, if I staked my ETH and got stETH in my wallet, then if I transferred the stETH to another wallet or use it for another DiFi program, will I still get daily rewards from LIDO?

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Simply, if you hold Lido staking shares, you get the rewards from Lido.
Back to your case,

Regarding stETH transfer-out:

  1. Transfer total stETH from wallet A to B: A no longer gets the rewards. Instead, B starts receving.
  2. Transfer partial stETH from A to B: both A & B get the rewards since A transfers partial staking shares to B but the reward amount to gain is based on how much stETH the address hold.

About using it in Defi program, stETH is not fully compatible to all defi programs but some projects still support stETH well like Aave and Curve. so when you use stETH in these projects, you still earn the rewards.

btw, you can get the response more quickly in our TG or discord.


Thanks for your detail reply, clear on 1&2 now as explained, for the last case, if I stake stETH in AAVE for example, will I get rewards from both Lido and Aave or will I get rewards from Aave instead?

And thanks for your suggestion, I will post any future question/topic in TG or Discord.

when you supply stETH on Aave v2, you still get the staking rewards from Lido since you can see your stETH aave account balance rebase/increase daily and when you withdraw, you get more stETH than you initially deposited. About the rewards from Aave, I think the supply APY is 0% so no more aave rewards.

Ok, thank you very much!