Whitelisting my stETH address

I am new to this forum and have a basic question.
I deposited an amount of ETH in Lido using my Ledger and received the equivalent amount in stETH. However, a message has appeared in Lido, informing me I will not receive any awards because my address is not whitelisted. I understand this was a previous proposal which has now been adopted, but I was not aware of this when I deposited my ETH. Looking at the whitelisting requests, it appears that one has to request this feature and hope one is accepted. Is this whitelisting for those investors who want to proceed to another level within Lido, and if I leave my stETH invested without being whitelisted, will I receive automatic awards? If not, I might as well transfer my stETH back to ETH. Thanks for any suggestion in advance.

Hey, if you are staking your ETH with Lido, you will receive daily staking rewards in stETH (i.e. your stETH balance will automatically increase after daily rebase).
Whitelisting is related to Lido referral rewards, not staking rewards. That means, if you are willing to bring more people to stake with Lido using your referral link, you can apply for whitelisting your address and, if approved, get around 1% of ETH staked with your referral link as a referral reward. You can read more about the Lido referral program here https://referral.lido.fi/
Again, whitelisted or not, you will receive daily staking rewards as long as you keep stETH in your wallet.

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I am very grateful for your reply and the clear explanation. I look forward to staking my stETH for a long time and glad to know I will be supporting the strength of the network. Once again, thank you for your excellent response.


Dear Hannah via Lido Governance [email protected]

Thank you for your late reply. As you can see from previous answer, the matter was resolved satisfactorily. Regards from Dodger.