Node Operator Admission: Chorus One

Lido DAO, the proposal to add Chorus One as a node operator is live and can be found here:

Should this pass, there will be a second vote within the next 48h to suggest a limit number of validator keys to validate with.

  • Organization name: Chorus One
  • Organization website:
  • Organization Github:
  • Organization social channels: Twitter, Telegram
  • Organization location: Switzerland
  • Organization size: 10-100
  • Brief description of organization: Chorus One is a staking provider and building solutions to facilitate blockchain interoperability.
  • Brief description of performance track record: Starting as a genesis validator in the Cosmos ecosystem in 2018, we have to date helped launch and maintain over a dozen networks.
  • Overview of supported networks: E.g. Solana, NEAR, Chainlink, Celo, SKALE - full list
  • Motivation for application: Liquid staking is needed to combat Proof-of-Stake centralizing around large centralized custodial entities. Lido is the most advanced ETH2 staking protocol with decentralization at its core.
  • Security set up for ETH staking: Battletested Kubernetes-based multi-vendor and multi-region infrastructure.
  • History of participating in ETH testnet: We participated in the Pyrmont and earlier testnets and have been operating Ethereum infrastructure for over a year.

Can vouch for Chorus as pioneers of liquid staking. Their research paper is the best read available on topic in the space. Definitely yay for me.


Open the gates! Let them through!

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