Node Operator Admission: FreshLIDO

Lido DAO, the proposal to add FreshLIDO as a node operator is live and can be found here:

  • Organization name: FreshLIDO
  • Organization website: Temporary site (we will have a FreshLIDO specific one, such as
  • Organization Github: github[.]com/Gaia
  • Organization social channels: [Twitter] twitter[.]com/wholesum), [Telegram] (t[.]me/onegaia)
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  • Organization location: Netherlands
  • Organization size: 2-10
  • Brief description of organization: FreshLIDO is part of the Fresh* family of validators, operated by Mitera BV, a private investment fund established in 2014.
  • Brief description of performance track record: Our fund started investing in crypto assets in 2014, in 2016 we began operating some maternodes, in June 2018 we started validating on Tezos, and currently we validate on over a dozen other chains.
  • Overview of supported networks: Tezos, Terra, Cosmos, Secret Network, Akash, Avalanche, MATIC, NEAR, Skale, Harmony, QTUM, ETH2
  • Motivation for application: Liquid staking prevents stake centralization towards lower fee providers, such as exchanges and it is a necessary component of a healthy PoS ecosystem. Our assessment is that Lido is the most advanced ETH2 staking protocol with which this goal can be accomplished, e.g., more decentralization.
  • Security set up for ETH staking: We are already running ETH2 privately on dozens of validators on a mix of cloud and baremetal nodes. Our validator’s addresses can be provided upon request. Here is one of them:
  • History of participating in ETH testnet: We participated in several ETH testnets, not to mention in the original ICO.

Hi @Gaia, we have devised a new process related to the admission of node operators, please check it out here: Node Operator Sub Governance & New Node Operator Application Process

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