Omnibus vote: continue Curve LP rewards + increase Blockscape key limit

Recently, a proposal has been submitted and voted on Snapshot about continuation of the Curve LP rewards with 3,750,000 LDO for the next month. This Snapshot vote hasn’t reached quorum but has gained 100% support: 45.52M LDO has voted for, 0 LDO against.

At the same time, we currently have one node operator, Blockscape, who have submitted new validator keys but the DAO hasn’t voted on increasing their key limit yet.

To save on gas and voting hassle we propose to combine onchain voting for these two actions into a single Aragon vote:

  • Increase key limit for Blockscape (id 5) to 1,000.
  • Transfer 3,750,000 LDO from the DAO treasury to the Curve rewards manager contract.

The onchain vote: Aragon

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