Proposal for governance services by Snapshot


Snapshot is committed to delivering exceptional value to the Lido DAO. For this reason, we are excited to present a comprehensive proposal to Lido, focusing on improving governance processes through our premium solutions. We offer services designed to streamline proposal monitoring, expand engagement capabilities, and elevate the overall governance experience.

Our services

  • Enhanced monitoring service: Upgrade in monitoring efficiency with spam or scam proposals flagged within a maximum delay of 2 hours.
  • Expanded proposal content limit: Increase from 10k to 20k characters, allowing for more comprehensive proposal presentations.
  • Increased proposal submission limit: Expanded capacity from 20 to 40 daily and from 100 to 200 monthly.
  • Customizable whitelabel interface: Tailor the Snapshot interface with Lido’s branding, including custom domain, colors, and logo. An example can be found in SushiSwap’s interface at
  • Extended voting strategies: Extend the number of voting strategies from 8 to 10.
  • Enhanced visibility: Elevate Lido’s presence with higher ranking on homepage and search.
  • Dedicated Telegram support group: Access to a dedicated support channel with a response time of maximum 4 hours.
  • Service level agreement (SLA): Guarantee of a high standard of service and responsiveness.


Our services are currently priced at 600 USDC per month, and we’re requesting 6,000 USDC for one year of service at a reduced price.
Ethereum address for payment: 0x8C28Cf33d9Fd3D0293f963b1cd27e3FF422B425c

We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with Lido and continue contributing to the success of its governance.


Happy to say LEGO supports the proposal! Would appreciate the help with Lido DAO Snapshot space greatly =)))


(I just noticed that LEGO already approved the request after posting this :sweat_smile:)

Snapshot has consistently contributed to the resilience and community alignment of Lido DAO. Also the issue of numerous spam proposals has been a pretty big concern, so to sustain and improving the collaboration with Snapshot, I believe a monthly payment of 500 USDC would be highly beneficial.


I support this initiative and am pleased with LEGO’s endorsement. It’s crucial for Lido DAO to avoid additional proposal submission barriers, such as higher thresholds or moderation, while effectively managing spam. I also recognize Snapshot’s valuable contributions to the DAO ecosystem, beyond just this grant. Indeed, they are the best partner for this endeavor.