Proposal regarding the proposed 0.5% airdrop

I think this drop should be proportionate to the time you first staked your ETH in the Lido UI, as well as how long you staked it – not to mention how much you staked at the time. Rewarding the early adopters that took the initial risks and pave the way for the later majority should absolutely be a priority here.

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Absolutely agree, well said.

10 Days… is early for everybody. If you talk about risk … then we should award first 10 stakers with extra bonus… Beeing here on day 2 or 4 makes no difference

I disagree, being here on day one as opposed to days two or four is not arbitrary, especially in the crypto DeFi ecosystem where smart contract errors and hacks are constantly happening. Being one of the stakers in the first day entails you to take on the most risk. People who stake on the days after launch (late stakers) are using those early stakers as human meat shields.

Funny is that most hacks are happening after several weeks of a launch… Anybody who puts money in a contract is taking a risk. Lido itself is not a No Name Anon Team… It is full mit industrial gigants. So almost non comparable with a classic ape move like MitCash

Anyway everybody here has different standpoint … so let see what the outcome will be

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Let’s move it to

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I agree that the 0 ETH deposits shouldn’t receive anything.
Early stakers should be rewarded, after all it’s what gets the platform going. (I’m not one of them :frowning: