Proposal to factor in historic % of supply/pool you held (Airdrop)

If you compare how many members there was in the Lido TG and Discord and compare it to how many who staked upon launch, it is so far off its ridiculous. I’m writing this because I’m tired of hearing people saying the distribution should be more fair, and that there isn’t a difference between using it upon launch vs a few days later. The argument is that the timeframe doesn’t have anything to say. But I couldn’t disagree more – it’s a massive difference!

People waited until others staked so that they could feel more safe doing it. The numbers from Lido TG and Discord proves this. It took multiple days before that pool filled up, and I remember it was like at 30 stETH holders the first 24 hours or so, might be off but you get my point.

To make it absolutely fair we should include this specific factor in mind:
A historical calculation of what % of the circulating supply you held. This should also apply to how much LP you owned, if we factor in liquidity providers.

To sum up I believe these should be the factors taking into account for the Airdrop:

  • How early you staked
  • How many % of the circulating supply you had historically (this obviously changed a lot as time went by) and goes the same for liquidity providers.
  • How much you staked (this is correlated to the point above)
  • How long you staked

It goes without saying that this should apply to people who used the Lido UI for staking.


Too many threads going on.
There is no fair distribution method for everyone.

The developers have said on Discord that he will write an opinion on this, so I’ll wait for that.
And I think we should accept their conclusion.


Let’s move it to


Let give 99% first 10 Stakers… What about that… I am sure you agree that 5 Minutes should be more worth then 1 day or 10 days.

You think the contract is safe now… How do you know that? Maybe conraxt has an errror and your funds are locked forever? So now tell me tje differenxe of the risk … today and 13 days ago… I would say same Risk!

Hello how are you doing today lidopersenal

lets give you all of LDO tokens…
its not about when you join. everyone not have equal conditions. you could find it before me, so it makes you more " DECENT " than me ?
i dont think so.

we must stop that EARLY topics.
Its done, you and me and others got free LDO tokens, wake up its done !

after this we should make allways fair distribution. every project have early adopters and none of them doing 21398129381x airdrop airdrop for them.

be realistic. market not working like that.