Changing Airdrop Distribution Scheme

I’ve investigated the list on the github and I believe this distribution is way too unfair.

From the list on the github, I see that;

3.796.000,00 LDO (which is %75 of the total airdrop) distributed to only 35 account

more shocking is

around 2.900.000 LDO (which is ~%60 of the total airdrop) distributed to 8 account.

Do you call this fair?

I propose that there should be minimum amount for each participant. Because at this gas prices half of the accounts airdrop amount probably not worth to claim. Early participants are around 500 different account, so sybil attack should not be a problem to consider. We are not talking about thousands of participants.

This airdrop only makes whales richer, nothing else :slight_smile:


This doa is only for some selected people who already own this Lido… A total Joke… I hope somebody makes a Fair Dao this is Mafia Like distribution… Lido has been airdropped to people with millions of free Lido…

Money greedy self loving Doa… I will selll my stEth… get rekt!

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They airdropped almost all Lido to their own Lido Accounts :+1::+1::+1: Wow… Shit Doa Mafia