Proposal to update Aragon UI

As you know, the Aragon UI has not been updated for a year, a lot has changed during this time: easy track has been released, a separate interface for viewing and upload keys has been made for node operators

So, our interface is outdated, and we need to update it:

  • Removed DEPOSIT BUFFERED ETHER button from Lido App (due to front-running vulnerability, see LIP-5 )
  • Removed Add signin keys from NOS App

Important! We only change the frontend and do not touch smart contracts.

Previous IPFS hashes:
Lido app - QmbmPW5r9HMdyUARNJjjE7MNqBUGrXashwoWvqRZhc1t5b

NOS app - QmQExJkoyg7xWXJjLaYC75UAmsGY1STY41YTG3wEK7q8dd

New IPFS hashes:
Lido app - QmQkJMtvu4tyJvWrPXJfjLfyTWn959iayyNjp7YqNzX7pS

NOS app - Qma7PXHmEj4js2gjM9vtHPtqvuK82iS5EYPiJmzKLzU58G

You can check Lido app changes here:…aragon-dev#diff-dcf1a40901feb10468dd0b77d736280ff1182bed6b473cb2ec358a9707947511

You can check NOS changes here:…aragon-dev#diff-11a1edc735e5b9bf2a7c426189d34fa89b8cb06965b61774990aabfde0fb4eb3…aragon-dev#diff-4ea380869dffa5075dd5f3e13d9aef54ea70e0157fd122b2ba1ca0baa6307b77

Notice: If you want to check the IPFS hashes by yourself, we have prepared documentation on how to do it