Reimbursement for HashQuark 2023-02-16 Ethereum Validators Incident

Hello Lido Team,

From about 2023-02-16 17:58 UTC to 2023-02-16 21:36 UTC, epoch 181631~181665, the 268 Ethereum validators run by HashQuark failed to make attestations due to the unexpected downtime of AWS server.

We suggest compensation of 0.2108 ETH, similar to this incident, we have tested our phone call system on Prater test network, and will deploy it on the Ethereum Mainnet soon. To prevent validator disruptions caused by server restarts, we will complete the server migration within two weeks. Additionally, we’re currently testing the Geth client on the Goerli test network using Pebble DB and plan to upgrade it in the future when performing well. We are happy to get guidance on this incident suggested by gov ops.


Hello! Thanks for informing the community about the incident and remediation actions. Lido contributors have re-calculated the penalties and missed rewards and agree with the suggested compensation. I suggest that similar to other instances in the past, you can reimburse stakers by sending funds to the mainnet EL Rewards Vault address 0x388C818CA8B9251b393131C08a736A67ccB19297 (can be checked here: Mainnet | Lido Docs).


We have sent the reimbursement of 0.2108ETH Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan We apologize for the loss of revenue caused by this incident, and would like to thank the Lido team of your help.


Thank you so much for taking the initiative on reimbursement!

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