Revised DeFiSafety review of Lido

Hello all,

DeFiSafety has generated a new protocol review report for Lido using our recently revised process (0.9). We invite members of your team to check the report privately before we publish. Normally we would send this communication over Discord, but this seems the best path for communication.

To get the report you can reach me at [email protected].

There are a few areas where you could improve your score relatively easily. This updating process is entirely optional. But it is in your interest to optimize your score.

For over three years (since the first DeFi summer) DeFiSafety has been supplying process driven reviews of DeFi protocols. We have reviewed over 500 protocols to date. We are the best source for quantitative technical risk between protocols. We see ourselves as an informal quality organization for the whole DeFi eco system. With each upgrade of our process, we have effectively managed to nudge the industry forward in enhanced quality processes.

With our latest protocol review process, we added questions for protocol monitoring, transaction signing process and audit applicability documents. What we do is boring, but it has been effective over the years. We can point to improvements in documentation and transparency over many protocols.

DeFiSafety does not charge the protocols for the review process. The protocols can optionally purchase a Quality Certificate. This gives enhanced visibility on our website, allows you to show that you follow DeFiSafety processes and helps support DeFiSafety as an independent quality organization. We have never had a token.

Please let us know who to talk to if there is interest in a Quality Certificate.

Thanks for your time.