Slashing Incident involving Launchnodes Validators - Oct 11, 2023

An update on the slashing incident: as at Nov 16, 2023 the 20 validators in question are now withdrawable (and have thus stopped accumulating penalties).

The breakdown of the total penalties and missed rewards can be found in the below-attached image. Actual total penalties have been calculated as the change in balance of the relevant validators as of the slashing epoch for each validator up until the epoch that each became withdrawable. Missed rewards have been calculated in the same manner that they were in the post mortem. The actual amount of penalties was less than the initially projected amount per the post mortem.

The total amount of

Total Penalties & Missed Rewards (initial estimate) Total Penalties & Missed Rewards (actual) Initially Compensated on day of incident Remainder
28.677 ETH 28.463 ETH 25.663 ETH 28.463 - 25.663 = 2.8 ETH

For those who wish to check or re-perform the calculations it can be done here:

Note that penalties for specific duties (attestations, proposals, etc.) are based on calculation and cannot be queried directly from chain data.

As indicated by Launchnodes, they will be compensating stakers for the remainder of this amount (i.e. less the compensation already sent). The compensation will occur by sending the ETH amount to the Lido Execution Layer Rewards Vault.