Staked asset naming rules

Lido currently offers liquid staking to several chains and so we have staked assets for corresponding native chain tokens. Some are rebasing while the others are not. I found we normally name these tokens with the beginning of st(stETH) or wst(wstETH). However, what confuses me is that stAsset for Ethereum (stETH) is the rebase token while stAsset for Polygon (stMATIC) is not a rebase one.

To make it easy and clear to remember and mitigate confusion, we should have a naming code or rule. For example, the name starting with st always represents that the token would rebase, while the name starting with wst always indicates the token balance remains fixed.


Feels like this timeless quote applies here:

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.”

Phil Karlton

jokes aside, this is a great proposal because many Lido users are also confused by this rebasing point (see the Telegram chat) and a more consistent approach would help greatly!