Ultra Sound censorship dashboard grant proposal

Greetings from the Ultra Sound team!

Last month our submission won second place in the Ethereum censorability monitor RFP. Our censorship dashboard is live at https://relay.ultrasound.money.

We are looking for a grant to cover the infrastructure costs specific to this feature for 12 months (3.3.2023 - 3.3.2024). The cost is made up of:

  • Google CloudSQL instances for staging and production environments, used to store all data
  • Google BigQuery queries, used to retrieve block and transaction data (bigquery-public-data.crypto_ethereum dataset)

The total cost for these is $1.5k per month, so we’re requesting $18k to cover a full year. This does not include infrastructure we’d be running anyway like our Kubernetes clusters, or developer time.

We are committed to keeping the censorship widgets working, making sure the data is correct, and fixing any bugs. Outside the scope of this grant we also plan to add more features to the site, centered around MEV visibility.

We’d like to thank Lido for awarding us in the RFP, and the council for their consideration of this proposal.