SyncLink grant proposal


The team developing this product is part of, right now there are 2 developers dedicated to this project and others reviewing/consulting on it (process, build-pipelines, testing, …). Due to necessary preparations for the merge we (RL) are looking for further funding until can jump on this again.

RockLogic GmbH is also developing

Useful resources


Documentation: Home · stereum-dev/synclink-spec Wiki · GitHub

Github: Home · stereum-dev/synclink-spec Wiki · GitHub

About SyncLink

With technology like Checkpoint sync it’s already possible to use a single trusted source to get to sync with the Ethereum chains quickly. This centralised approach compromises on network security. SyncLink queries multiple sources automatically (https endpoints with metadata) and selects the most promising finalized epoch to start with or accepts a single metadata manually (twitter, email, whatever).

What’s happened so far

In the past months we researched the basics of how to create a resilient and open process for a decentralized almost-immediate sync for consensus clients.

What’s next

In the next months, we’ll build a proof-of-concept to provide:

  1. a service delivering epoch metadata & downloadable SyncPointPackages (SyncLink Server)
  2. a service for querying the metadata and offer the data of the SyncPointPackages to consensus clients (SyncLink Client)
  3. first deliverables (alpha-like)

Please see the documentation for more details on the architecture.


The SyncLink team requests a grant of USD 34 000 to generate the output mentioned above.

Please send payment to rocklogic.eth (0x49Df3CCa2670eB0D591146B16359fe336e476F29) in DAI (34 000).


This proposal has been approved by the LEGO Council on September 9, 2022. This thread will be updated upon grant disbursement.

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Hey, payment is made.

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Thank you! We’ll update in time what we accomplished.

Right now we got the following consensus clients working:

  • Nimbus
  • Prysm
  • Teku

We are working to include lighthouse too, should work soon as well.

Next steps include dockerizing the software and publish it to make it usable easily. With the first alpha-release some documentation will be published also.

Thank you for the update Stefan!

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I’m happy to announce the first alpha of SyncLink, fulfilling this grant: