Stereum grant proposal


Stereum’s team is a part of and international although based in Austria. Since 2020 we dedicate towards developing Stereum and pushing for decentralization.

RockLogic GmbH is also developing

Useful resources

Github: GitHub - stereum-dev/ethereum-node: Run an Ethereum node, solo stake ETH and connect dApps to your server with Stereum Node Setup!

About Stereum

Going back to 2020 we came up with an Ethereum node setup with the focus on ease of use and flexibility. The main purpose was to provide people a tool to setup and run a node for staking, data-mining, bots, … The very first version was not yes called Stereum and provided a docker-compose setup which evolved to a CLI based guided setup tool. Later we released a GUI version with the name Stereum. This year we subsequentially developed version 2 with flexible el/cl selection, monitoring (Grafana, Prometheus) and many new features not yet thought possible.

What we accomplished

With your help with a previous grant Stereum grew to a GUI to setup on any Ubuntu 22.04 machine, being VPS, dedicated root servers, AWS instances, GCP servers, home pc and so on. Please look up how it works on our YouTube, we also provide a guide on our website:

What’s next

In the next months we’ll focus on an upcoming security audit and features to improve the usability and ease of setup. This will also include an overhaul of the Control panel to give the user a better understanding how the node is doing and many other improvements of the GUI as well as gaining even more stability.


The Stereum team requests a grant of USD 20 000 to keep evolving this open source software.

Please send payment to stereum.eth (0x81D30BF2047cC5Ee5f903CC00594edC8D5018D31).


The LEGO council reviewed and happily approved this request for additional improvements to staking tooling, especially that which helps solo stakers.

The executed disbursement can be found here: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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