Urgent: Scam involving Lido's smart contract - Request for Community and Lido Finance Team Suppor

Dear Lido Finance Team and Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out with an urgent matter that requires the attention of both the Lido Finance team and the wider community.

Recently, I unfortunately fell victim to a scam involving Lido’s smart contract, resulting in the loss of 4.5 $STETH. The incident details can be found in the attached transaction:

I have already taken the necessary steps to report the incident, but I am reaching out to the community and the Lido Finance team for additional support and assistance in addressing this issue promptly.

Here are the key points:

1. Nature of the Incident:

  • I suffered a Fake_Phishing228344 attack, resulting in the loss of 4.5 $STETH.
  1. Request for Assistance:
  • I kindly request the community’s support in spreading awareness about this incident.
  • I seek the expertise of the Lido Finance team to investigate and address the situation.
  1. Community Strength:
  • Together, as a united community, we can work towards preventing similar incidents and ensuring the security of all Lido Finance users.

I believe that by bringing this matter to the attention of the community and the Lido Finance team, we can work together to find a resolution and strengthen the security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to the support of the community and the Lido Finance team in addressing this unfortunate situation.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,


Hi there, have you had any outcome on this ? I fell for the same phishing scam today

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Hey Ser,

I think I already discussed the issue with you privately and you revoked the suspicious permissions as well.

The issue is your address sadly approved a permission for the other ‘malicious’ address/contract to spend your asset (i.e. in your case it was stETH) while there is nothing directly wrong with Lido’s contract itself.

This malicious issue is not just associated to Lido’s stETH only but could be any tokens. I am happy to see more discussions or solutions coming out in the whole industry.

However, as a user, we currently have to avoid interacting with any unknown or suspicious contracts, tools or sites.

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I am in the same situation. I haven’t had any interaction with my Lido account for several months.
On December 15, following the problem with ledger, I took a look at my Lido stETH staking and surprise… on December 12 my balance was emptied! How is it possible ?

etherscan : 0xf57a343780be29c147373148e7f4852b3862b99911949893e27aff35dde5c864


You approved a malicious contract that had access to unlimited stETH in your wallet, found here:


Best thing I can tell you is count it as a loss on your taxes , I staked 1.4 ethereum with lido and forgot to unstake before transferring 280 days ago , I’ve tried multiple time going though there process and didn’t help one bit , may be best to ask your accountant about taking a loss on schedule d form that way you can get the loss against your income , save you some money there . I’m done with crypto never had a problem until I got a ledger then staked with lido , never got any gains from staking with lido either what was that about , cosmos , ethereum nada , wasted time and total loss .quick mention if you ever buy a house the banks don’t care about your crypto but they do care about your stocks remember that when investing . Wish you the best , this has wasted so much of my time . I’m done

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I am in same situation they stole more then 10 000 ETH from large number of victims.