User Research and Activation Plan to engage new token holders in Lido DAO Governance by OpenUX

hey @Jenya_K, I see your point and agree that revenue/profit is not the only goal. However, when I check on Snapshot the last Lido DAO votes. Having 20 (10%) 1M LDO (high end of the range) holders vote the losing option would not have overturned the decision. For this to be effective you will need to increase voting participation by 50-70M LDO (~2X current participation!).

  • Do you believe this is achievable?
  • Will the OpenUX as scoped achieve it?

Secondly, if we want to really improve effectiveness and decentralisation of the Lido DAO governance (goal #1 of @Hasu’s GOOSE submission), I wonder if putting efforts (and money!) into engaging 100k-1M LDO holders makes much sense in light of the Dual Governance work underway…