Emergency Brakes multi-sig upgrade

Security and transparency are among the most valued properties of any new Lido integration, governance tool, or general protocol upgrade. Lido contributors tend to provide full control over the protocol to the DAO, and avoid permissioned and trusted designs wherever it is possible. All the critical roles are normally assigned to the DAO Agent, an Aragon app that can perform arbitrary calls to contracts on behalf of the DAO.
However, the existing DAO governance mechanisms are sometimes too slow to react to emergencies. In such cases, we suggest consistently using a dedicated Emergency Brakes Multi-sig that normally would be able to pull only one lever – that is, pause whatever project, protocol, or integration it is used for. At the same time, it isn’t meant to have the ability to unpause things, the DAO Agent should be the entity to resume operations.
For the first time, we have used an emergency brakes multi-sig for the Easy Track. The current composition of this 2/4 multi-sig includes core Lido contributors:




We propose:

  1. Extending and reinforcing the existing Easy Track Security multi-sig to 3/5 by including another Lido protocol developer @folkyatina with address 0xCFfE0F3B089e46D8212408Ba061c425776E64322 (tweet to confirm the address).
  2. Use the same multi-sig as Emergency Brakes multi-sig for other Lido projects and integrations on Ethereum. Set up multi-sigs of the same composition to manage pause levers on other networks as Lido expands there, starting with Optimism and Arbitrum in the nearest future.

The decision will be made via a 5-days snapshot voting starting shortly.


The snapshot to extend the Emergency Brakes multi-sig is live!


The snapshot concluded “for” changes — thank you for the votes! We’ll proceed with multisig tweaks shortly