Grant Request for Let’s Get HAI Codebase Audit

TITLE: Grant for Let’s Get HAI Codebase Audit

AUTHORS: Ameen Soleimani, Reza Jafery, contributors at Reflexer and Let’s Get HAI


We are seeking a full or partial grant to cover security audits of the codebase for Let’s Get HAI.

Let’s Get HAI is a fork of RAI on Optimism, with the key difference of having multiple forms of collateral available rather than just ETH (including stETH!) HAI, like RAI, is an over-collateralized CDP-minted stablecoin that is free-floating rather than pegged.


We are seeking to receive a full or partial grant to conduct an audit of HAI’s codebase by Solidified ($66K), and a supplementary Audit by Alexey Pertsev ($30K) for $96,000 total.

Whatever grant amount can be provided by Lido will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for considering our proposal.


The audit is projected to commence in August 2023 and is expected to conclude by the end of October 2023. Our expenditure estimate for this project is solely the cost of the two audits, amounting to $96,000.

Solidified Audit - $66,000

Alexey Pertsev Audit - $30,000

Let’s Get HAI

For more information about HAI:

Visit our website:

Take a look at the Reflexer forum post that started it: Announcing HAI—A Multi-collateral RAI fork on Optimism - General Discussion - Reflexer


Thank you for reaching out! LEGO would be looking to grant full $30k for Alexey Pertsev audit & half of the Solidified one ($33k) in DAI. Need to know the address to send funds to =)


Thank you for the response. We can’t even explain how much it means to have your support!

Here is the address for our multi-sig on Optimism: 0x7Cb4a147A54e1406AEA3C8BE623A26bdd554322B

Let’s get HAI with LIDO!


Hey @reza.eth sorry, if it’s possible to provide the address in ETH main net for the grant would appreciate that! :pray:
Less complexity for the transaction that way, so less prone to error.


No worries at all!

Our ETH mainnet multisig is:



@reza.eth the payment is sent! Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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