Holesky Safe - Q1/2024 Budget Provision - Support & Maintenance

Hi team, I hope everyone is well!

Following the proposal made by @Ivan_Protofire (Safe (ex. Gnosis Safe) deployment on Holesky), we are moving forward with our first Quarter for Support and Maintenance, where we will continue integrating new features, providing technical support, and, of course, monitoring/optimizing infrastructure while keeping our Safe instance as up-to-date and close to Safe Global as possible.

The budget request is $6,000 in DAI, and our estimate is to distribute it as follows:

  • 50% for support and maintenance services.
  • 50% to cover infrastructure costs.

I am maintaining the initial wallet address here. Address on ETH network:


Cheers! :rocket:

Eduardo Santos
Delivery Manager, Protofire DAO


Hey @Eduardo_Protofire, thanks for the update and a quick deployment!

This maintenance was previously approved by LEGO council together with Safe (ex. Gnosis Safe) deployment on Holesky proposal, here’s the transfer.