Holesky Safe - Q2/2024 Budget Provision - Support & Maintenance

Hi team, I hope everyone is well!

Following the proposal made by @Ivan_Protofire (Safe (ex. Gnosis Safe) deployment on Holesky), we are moving forward to the 2nd Quarter 2024 for Support and Maintenance, where we will continue integrating new features, providing technical support, and, of course, monitoring/optimizing infrastructure while keeping our Safe instance as up-to-date and close to Safe Global as possible.

The budget request is $7,000 in DAI, and our estimate is to distribute it as follows:

  • 50% for support and maintenance services.
  • 50% to cover infrastructure costs.

Address on ETH network:


Our grant was segmented into 2 stages; essentially, one part was used to cover infrastructure expenses and the second for maintenance.

…Approval of up to a total of 28K DAI at which point the grant would need to be re-evaluated for further continuation…

Phase Desc Amount
Deployment Work in Progress 15k
Maintenance Q1/2024 6k
Maintenance Q2/2024 7k

For Q3/2024, we need to make a new request, with revised values that fit the community’s needs / technical demand.

In Q1/2024, we focused on helping protocols integrate with Safe, addressing incidents in general, and performing rollouts to keep the instance updated. Below is a list of tasks we worked on:

  • User cannot send transactions while connecting through wallet connect to holesky safe
  • SSV team is facing issues when trying to send large tx sizes
  • Integrate Tool - Tenderly
  • Holesky Safe Update - Roll Out #10
  • SSV reports errors origining in holesky-safe
  • Change tracing_node_url for Holesky
  • Holesky indexes transactions poorly
  • Holesky Isidoros request - The Safe SDK could not be initialized. Please be aware that we only support v1.0.0 Safe Accounts and up
  • SSV Ilya Request - Safe does not return receipt
  • SSV - Failing Transaction even though Tenderly Simulation went through
  • SSV - WalletConnect expired session issue
  • SSV - Cannot connect from Holesky Safe to SSV via walletconnect
  • RDS connection issue due to increased traffic
  • Holesky Safe Update - Roll Out #11

Cheers! :rocket:

Eduardo Santos
Delivery Manager, Protofire DAO

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Hey @Alex_L I am just tagging you here fyi!

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Hey @Eduardo_Protofire! Thanks, we’re signing the tx, soon to be transferred.

UPDATE: grant disbursed

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Hey @Alex_L , confirmed, we have received it!

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