Safe (ex. Gnosis Safe) deployment on Holesky


Dear Lido Community,

I am Ivan Bandaryk, the Field Chief Technology Officer at Protofire DAO.

We propose the deployment of Safe (ex Gnosis Safe) on the Holesky network with the aim of transitioning all Lido testnet functionality from Goerli to Holesky. With a track record of deploying Safes on more than 20 networks (such as Moonbeam, Cronos, Mantle, Oasis, zkSync, zkScroll, Linea and many others) in the past two years and a strong partnership with the Safe team, we are confident that we can deliver a high-quality project within a reasonable budget.

In order to launch and maintain Safe in Holesky network, we propose 2 step project:

- Deployment. We deploy, configure the latest Safe components on robust and secure infrastructure (dedicated AWS instance). Then we customize UI according to the network branding. Infrastructure includes 2 environments (Stage and Production).
- Maintenance. Performing regular Safe updates, infrastructure monitoring & optimization, new features enablement (according to requests).

Deployment timeline:
Safe will be completely deployed and tested before 1st of November, if there are no significant issues related to RPC node (insufficient stability and performance) and project starts on 24th of October the latest.

Budget Request:

  • An initial payment of $15,000 in DAI for deployment.
  • Approximately $6,000 in DAI to be disbursed on a quarterly basis, divided into two components:
    • $3,000 for support and maintenance services.
    • An additional $3,000 (approximately) to cover infrastructure costs for each quarter, which may vary depending on Safe usage.

Address on ETH network: 0x63d6287D5b853cCfedbA1247fBEb9a40512F709A

Our proposal centers around a specific and relatively simple project. However, our broader intention extends beyond this scope. We plan to conduct in-depth research within the Lido ecosystem during the deployment process and subsequently propose more relevant projects, drawing on our extensive expertise. These projects are designed to attract users and increase Total Value Locked (TVL) within the Lido ecosystem.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the Lido ecosystem.


Ivan Bandaryk

Field CTO, Protofire DAO


Thank you Ivan! Given that Safe contracts have been deployed (code is in the process of being verified) on Holesky but there wasn’t a UI + infra solution yet, we appreciate your proposal which will enable the migration of the Lido testnet from Goerli to Holesky and the commencement of the testnet to support the Simple DVT module and its possible (contingent on DAO approval) unveiling on mainnet in the next few months.

The LEGO Council has reviewed the proposal and timelines proposed by Protofire and agreed to the grant request as below:

  • Approval of up to total of 28K DAI at which point the grant would need to be re-evaluated for further continuation
  • Initial payment of 15K DAI
  • Running costs to be supplied by Protofire to LEGO for review and disbursed on a quarterly basis
  • Since the Safe infra+interface on Holesky would be open to all and thus may benefit the wider Ethereum community at possible extraneous expense: a review of all costs thus far as at the end of January, in order to determine whether the Safe on Holesky infrastructure can be transitioned to another team for permanent maintenance or additional support to be found via co-funding opportunities

Your ability to propose a solution in such a short time and meet optimistic deadlines has been very helpful, and I look forward to working closely together.


Generally, what kind of Lido testnet functionality is related to Safe? Try to understand where Lido is using Safe.

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Multisigs for management of slightly privileged accounts and above (e.g. keeping large amounts of testnet ETH / testnet stETH / testnet LDO, high access rights/privileged accounts) and most importantly as a part of testing DVT (all clusters are managed by the operators themselves via Safe multisigs).


The initial payment has been made

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Thank you, Izzy. Thanks to the community for the support.
We are already working on the project and adhering to the original deadlines.


Fully support the proposal, the SAFE on Holešky is required for Simple DVT testnet run, so happy to see the option for it to happen sooner!

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Greetings, esteemed Lido community,

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our project delivery. Holesky Safe is now accessible through the following link:

In line with our initial agreement, we are committed to providing ongoing support and regular updates for Holesky Safe. You can expect update notes to be published in this thread, either by me or my colleagues.

Thank you for your continued trust and collaboration.

Best regards,
Protofire Team


Thank you Ivan and Protofire team! It’s great to have this up and running even earlier than expected as per the timeline.

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Hey guys, just registering here our post with some updates!