Issues supplying stEth on Curve/Yearn

Hey guys! I’m having an issue with my staked Eth. I managed to easily stake Eth using Lido on Ledger Live and received stEth tokens. Now, when I connect my Ledger Nano X to Curve/Yearn or any similar dApp they don’t seem to detect my stEth balance. They only seem to detect the Eth balance on my wallet. I recently saw a video on YouTube explaining how to provide these stETH tokens on Curve and Yearn in order to earn more yields. Is this a wallet (Ledger Nano X) limitation? Why don’t these platforms “see” the stEth in my wallet? How can I work around this? Or am I missing something here? Appreciate any feedback from the gurus here.

Hey, can you reach out to an admin in a tg group? We’ll need to check your address to help and that is best handled privately.

Hello. How do I reach out to an admin on tg group? Also, why would I need to share an address? Which address?

It’s funny how I reached out to Ledger weeks ago about this and….crickets.

I reach out here….crickets.

I’m wondering if Ledger is already doing what I’m trying to do with my staked Eth? Since no one is providing any clear answers as to why this balance isn’t reflected on these dApps/pools, I’ll just be unstaking all of the Eth I have on Lido through ledger.

You go into telegram group, find an admin in it and write a private message, we will help from there. To provide better answers we need to know your Ethereum address.

It’s ok thanks. Just unstaking. The APY seems to be dropping everyday. Combine that with the headaches and fees and all of this nonsense and it simply isn’t worth it.