Where can i swap stETh back to ETH


I had staked ets on my ledger. Now i have stETh.
How can i change stETh back to ETH in Ledger?

You can use curve.fi to swap stETH to ETH. It’s not integrated to Ledger wallet yet.

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OK Thank you for helping.

Quick question: I have stEth on my Ledger Nano X and I want to stake that stEth on pools like Curve/Yearn, but when I connect my wallet to these dApps they only seem to detect my Eth balance in the wallet, not the stEth balance. Is this a limitation of the dApps or the wallet? Am I missing a step here? How can I work around this?

Here the same
Please can someone help us.?

Which wallet are you using?

Some people have had issues in the past directly connecting ledger to curve. They were able to get around it by using metamask.

Can someone please tell me where and how I can swap my stETh ? I have over 250k worth of dollars but I can’t swap it

go to Withdrawals | Lido to unstake.
To learn more about the withdrawal, check out the guide: How do I unstake my stETH/wstETH? | Lido: Help

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