Jump Crypto Replacement in the Oracle Set

Since Jump Crypto will be voluntarily exiting the Lido-curated Node Operator Set, we also intend to depart the Oracle Set by the end of CY2023.

We stand ready to pass the seat to the proper candidate subject to Lido governance, prior to the end of CY2023.

Verification message posted here: Ethereum Verified Signed Message


We have previously indicated that we would be glad to join and are happy to fill this spot, if there are no objections.


Glad to see that ChainLayer is still keen to support! Given that the proposal would be essentially to replace one existing member of the oracle set who is a current node operator with another node operator (i.e. balance between NOs / non-NOs doesn’t change), and ChainLayer’s great record of participation in the Lido protocol and experience running oracle infra in general, personally I would support this.

I propose to leave the subject open to DAO discussion, but that if there are no objections to proceed with onboarding ChainLayer as an oracle by end of CY 2023, at which time Jump Crypto can wind down their participation.


I’m delighted to have ChainLayer’s support in maintaining the oracle. Thank you for stepping up and assistance in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the data.

If there are no objections from the DAO side, the replacement process from a voting perspective will be as follows:

November voting slot (October 26 - November 2): Snapshot vote.
December slot (dates are likely to be December 12-15, but they may change): On-chain vote.


@chainlayer your eagerness to join the Lido Oracle set is greatly appreciated! Given ChainLayer’s extensive experience in running Oracles and their robust infrastructure, I fully endorse the notion of welcoming CL as a new Oracle member. Thank you for expressing your willingness to contribute.


Snapshot vote started

The Decision on Jump Crypto’s position in the Oracle Set: Rotate or remove and change the quorum Snapshot has started! Please cast your votes before Thu, 02 Nov 2023 17:00:00 GMT :pray:


Snapshot vote ended

The Decision on Jump Crypto’s position in the Oracle Set: Rotate or remove and change the quorum Snapshot vote concluded!
The results are:
Rotate Jump Crypto to ChainLayer: 58.6M LDO
Remove Jump Crypto only: 627 LDO


Chainlayer is going to join Oracles with this address: 0xc79F702202E3A6B0B6310B537E786B9ACAA19BAf

Signature: Ethereum Verified Signed Message

Tweeter announcement : https://twitter.com/chainlayerio/status/1730592307001397491

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Chainlayer signed message for reward address:

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