LEGO Proposal - Members & Open Initiatives [cont.]

This is a continuation of the initial LEGO proposal covering more details including representative LEGO members, the grant application process and an overview of open initiatives.

LEGO Members

LEGO is currently comprised of 6 individuals with a range of backgrounds and experience each responsible for a specific segment of Lido.

The LEGO committee is as follows:

Each LEGO member has significant autonomy over grants up to a boulder size, as long as they stay within the allotted budget, but will have to clear mountains and overdrafts with the main governance body.

If you are interested in pursuing a grant (either open/outlined below or novel) contact the relevant LEGO committee member to introduce yourself, the topic and your plans for it.

Grant Application Process

The goal of LEGO is to allow fast and unimpeded resolutions on small-sized grants while maintaining efficiency and accountability for big developments. The program starts small but will grow over time.

To apply for a grant, please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Make contact with the LEGO committee member responsible for your specific area of contribution on Telegram to introduce yourself and your idea.

  2. Apply for a specific grant opportunity using the following Google Form.

  3. Upon approval, the LEGO admin will contact the applicant team within 24 hours to set up a channel for direct chat communication. The proposal is shared on for community review.

  4. Upon completion, the developer/creator is invited onto the monthly Lido Showcase Call to introduce grant work and showcase their developments. [not mandatory].

The timelines for grant execution will differ based on the size of the grant opportunity as well as the number of committee members needed to take part.

Open Grant Opportunities

An overview of open grant opportunities is available here.

These are opportunities that have been identified as relevant and of importance to the Lido community and will be prioritized amongst applicants. However, any application is of interest and suggestions not aligned with the open initiatives in the doc above are also of interest.

Committee Funding Vote

There’s a vote ongoing to fund the committee that is also doubling as an approval for the outlined structure. Vote against it if you disagree with this proposal in detail or in general; vote for if both general outline and details are something you agree with.