Lido in Morocco 2024 (Proposal)

1.Who Am I ?

Hello Lido network, my name is Salim , I’m from Morocco and I’m 31 years old. I was studied economie in UIR school in Morocco and i’m working in call center , zakaria 28 years old basketball player and nurse . My expeirience in the cryptocurrency world started 2 years ago as trader with Bitcoin as everyone but I didn’t stop looking for other coins in coinmarketcap.


1 : Lido Conferences In Morocco

I will start with 3 Conferences will take the biggest cities and I will request funds from the treasury to explain the following concepts to the public .

A.The First Conference Will Be In Casablanca / Morocco :

Casablanca : is the largest city in Morocco with a total population of 3,359,818. The city has its origins in the 7th Century when Berbers, an indigenous ethnic tribe, made it their capital.

B.The Second Conference would Be In Rabat,Salé / Morocco :

Salé : Has a population of 890,403 individuals. It is the fifth largest city in Morocco by population. The city has berber roots dating back to the 1000s. The city is also called Salli or Sallee. One of the most famous sights in Salé is the giant Great Mosque. Salé is located adjacent to the Moroccan capital of Rabat.

Rabat : is the capital of Morocco. It is also the seventh largest city in the country with a total population of around 580,000.

5.Topics To Be Covered :

• How Does Lido DAO Work.

• How do I get LDO?

• why Lido?

• Understanding features of Lido .

• Make a lunch and deliver merchandising so that the Lido brand is visible through the streets of the cities.

2 : Slam Dunk With Lido In Morocco

A : I will do A basketball competitions in the three cities in which I worked Conferences in same day after Conference and as u now Moroccans are big sports fans .I’ll register the teams who they will participate in the basketball competitions and I’ll give tickets to audience to come and see the competitions

B : Timeline :

• I’ll visit 3 cities ( my city + 2 other cities )

A. Rabat ( My city ) / B. Casablanca C. kenitra

• For each city I’ll start the event on the Monday of each week. The event will last 5 hours.

• There will be 10 teams in this competition for each city . Each team consists of 6 players and I’ll create two groups for these 10 teams (Group A and Group B )

• The winning team gets 300 usd and the 9 other teams will get 100 usd each. You’ll ask why we should to pay the losers? Because we need to get their trust and give them good start and also let them see Lido is the best in the world. We want to grow the Lido community in Morocco

3 : Lido News Weekly In Arabic

A : What’s my main goal ?

Break the language barrier for arabic and viewers, and let them adopt Lido news on a weekly basis. since it’s more attractive and easier to follow if it’s in their native language.

B : What’s my objective ?

I will release two videos everyweek talking about Lido breaking news for 12 months , for example what are the most attractive offers and facilities of Lido , their new posted proposals and why people should join it ASAP, because it’s an immergeant market full of benefice.

C : Why Lido needs this asap ?

As you all know, arabic is the language of a huge community, which means a big potential of future users. the arabic worlds, there is sure a very acceptable crypto action going on, especially in Dubai and other countries of the Middle east. That’s why i believe it’s vital to do different languages to keep a bigger community alerted.


• Create a big Lido community and buzz with merchant adoption in Morocco.

• That the people who attend the conferenced can see an activemember of the Lido community (I consider myself) explaining the project and answering the questions that arise.

• The basketball competitions and Conferences Events will have 240 players from 3 different cities I’ll have approximately 100 person audience for each match.

• Building the first Arab Community in Morocco for Staking

• release two videos everyweek talking about Lido news proposal arabic ( 12 months )

• translate anything about Lido to arabic


A : First payment will be involved in it :

• Lido Conference In Morocco ( 1 week )

• Slam Dunk With Lido In Morocco ( 1 week )

B : Second Payment Upon Proof of Completion will be involved in it :

• Lido News Weekly In Arabic ( 12 months )


• 1 : Lido Conference In Morocco cost :

-Travel, sleep and eat : 140 Usd

-Conferences room : 417 Usd

-Advertising : 210 Usd

-Workshop Materials : 280 Usd

-Catering : 490 Usd

-Registration and security staff : 210 Usd

-Video recording : 500 Usd

-Video editing : 280 Usd

-English translation = 140 Usd

-English subtitles = 140 Usd

Total = 2807 usd

• 2 : Slam Dunk With Lido In Morocco Cost :

-Leasing basketball stadium 2 days for each city : 900 usd

-Lido Merchandise: different shirt for 240 players, different 30 banners and 240 stickers = 700 usd

-Lido Tables , chairs for the Ambassadors 120 usd

-Travel: 114 usd

-Prizes: Teams, Audience: 3778 usd

-Cameraman: 230 usd

Total = 5842 usd

• 3 : Lido News Weekly In Arabic cost :

-Workshop Materials : 280 Usd

-News Weekly In Arabic : 2175 usd

-translation anything about Lido in arabic : 654 usd

-Video recording : 721 Usd

-Video editing : 503 Usd

-English translation = 366 Usd

-English subtitles = 366 Usd

Total = 5065 usd

Grand Total = 13714 usd

For all this, I wanted to know, the opinion of the MN operator community before launching the proposal. I expect opinions, suggestions and feedback.


The main focus of your proposal is on increasing the popularity of Lido as a payment method. Do you mean using stETH for everyday purchases? Or LDO?

Also, you mention that Bitcoin cannot be used as a payment method due to high fees. Are you sure that gas prices in ETH do not present the same barrier? Why do you believe this is not the case?

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Hi , anyone in the world if you ask them about crypto they will say bitcoin that’s why I will focus on publishing Lido This way as a start in Morocco .

Aslo if you check binance plateforme in twitter you will find it has big Arabic branch and they make alot of events in dubia & morocco many arabe conturies so my idea is clear and everyone knows the value of the people dubia & morocco .

people will like the idea and make it a payment method in their stores We are in an era of progress and people want something new to see

About the the gas fees eth it’s more better then btc and fast This is my opinion

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