Lido <> Olympix Integration


Hello, Lido team! I’m Chris, representing Olympix (, a company dedicated to developing essential security tools for Solidity smart contract developers. Our focus is on creating an efficient workflow and enhancing security in the development process.


We’re thrilled to share that we’ve already developed a powerful tool, and we’re eager to gather early feedback:

  1. Vscode Static Analyzer: Our Vscode Static Analyzer is a dynamic solution that offers the flexibility to operate as both a Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension and a Command Line Interface (CLI) with seamless integration into GitHub Actions. This versatile tool performs real-time static analysis, identifying potential vulnerabilities in your Solidity code, whether you prefer to work within your development environment or incorporate it into your continuous integration pipeline.


In our pursuit of scaling DeFi, Olympix is committed to assisting developers in securing their code during the development process. Our Vscode Static Analyzer leads this mission, offering the flexibility to work as a VS Code extension, CLI, or integrate seamlessly into your GitHub Actions workflow. By using this tool, you can ensure the security of your Solidity smart contracts from the outset.

We invite you to explore a partnership with us. You’ll have access to our dynamic Static Analyzer, and in exchange, we seek your valuable feedback. We are dedicated to advancing DeFi’s growth, and we are confident that collaborating with you will result in a more secure and efficient future for smart contract development.

Feel free to reach out for a conversation or with any questions you may have about our tool. We eagerly await your response!

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity with Olympix.

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Thank you for posting this proposal.

May I ask you a few questions about the approaches you use for the solution described?

I mean whether the principles of detection and rule set are available openly and how they are get maintained and updated?
BTW, do you have an official plugin for hardhat maybe?

JFTR: The following tools have been used for the lido-dao protocol repo’s CI:

  • Hardhat as the main framework
  • Slither for static analysis
  • solhint for syntax-based linting
  • foundry for libraries invariant and fuzzing tests
  • various bytecode and storage layout ad-hoc sanitizers