Lido Transaction Error

Hey guys. A little over a week ago I tried to stake 0.15 Eth using Lido from my Ledger Wallet. After the first attempt I recieved an error message and there was no sign of the transaction having gone through. As such, I proceeded to try to stake the same 0.15 Eth again as there was an error the first time. The second time I recieved the same error. I closed the app and reopened it to try a final time, only to receive the same error. At that point I went to bed assuming I still had all my Eth. Now after checking back in today, I can see that 0.45 of my Eth is being staked, but I was charged ~0.006 Eth per transaction (3x) even though I was told there was an error. I am happy to continue staking 0.45 Eth, but I would really appreciate being reimbursed the 0.012 Eth for the two additional transations that took place. If not, I’ve basically lost any rewards from staking this amount for almost a year… Please help dev team!

Can you reach out in Discord, so we can find out the details in private? Don’t want to ask for screenshots and addresses in public.

Where are the three dots?

when I try to withdraw my stEth the signing will not populate

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please follow the guide: How do I unstake my stETH? | Lido: Help

if you still have the problem, please share in our discord: Lido

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