Manifold Finance transition to new relay codebase

Dear Lido community,

Manifold Finance will soon be transitioning to a new relay codebase that we believe provides several advantages, described below. We have been running the relay, called mev-freelay, on Goerli for several months without issue, and will have a security audit conducted in the coming weeks. After this we will transition to mev-freelay on mainnet.

We’ll post an update after the audit is completed, and are happy to answer any questions in the meantime.

Principal advantages of mev-freelay:

  • Use of a single process and embedded bbolt database for persistence, leading to lower latency and resource usage for operations

  • Automatic archiving of submitted payloads to S3, which keeps the operation database length approximately constant

  • Simple backup and restore process

View the repo and learn more: GitHub - manifoldfinance/mev-freelay


It’s great to see a new relay codebase and open source too!