RMC Proposal - Promote ultra sound relay, agnostic relay, and aestus relay to "must use some list"

The Relay Maintenance Committee reviewed the request from the ultra sound relay team for promotion to the “must include some” list. Since MEV Boost relayed network events and relay operational performance seems to have stabilized, the RMC performed a promotion assessment for the three below mainnet relays. The assessment can be found here.

  • Agnostic relay
  • Aestus relay
  • Ultra sound relay

Manifold Finance Relay has not been considered at this time as the RMC is awaiting the finalization of the new relay codebase and its deployment to production.

Proposal and next steps

Based on the review performed by the RMC members, no objections were noted to promoting all three the above relays to the “must use some" list. The full proposal of the RMC (to be reflected on-chain no earlier than one week from now (May 30, 2023), unless the community / DAO objects or has suggestions for improvement is):

Remove below relays from “allow list” (is_mandatory= False)

Ultra Sound Relay (Mainnet)
Agnostic Relay (Mainnet)
Aestus Relay (Mainnet)

Add below relays to “must use some list” (is_mandatory = True)

Ultra Sound Relay (Mainnet)
Agnostic Relay (Mainnet)
Aestus Relay (Mainnet)

NOTE: The contract does no currently support “updating” an entry, hence the necessary action is removal + re-addition into the correct list.


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Summary of where Lido operators stand relative to the ultra sound relay:

  • 24 of 29 operators (83%) are connected
  • Attestant will connect after “must use some”
  • Blockdaemon, Figment, HashQuark, Jump unlikely to connect without clarity from OFAC

The multisig transaction to effect on-chain the changes described above has begun and is waiting for quorum of the RMC to sign off and finalize!


The transaction has been executed and the updates have now been reflected on-chain:

The updates can be noted by the is_mandatory flag now being set to true for Ultra Sound Relay, Agnostic Relay, and Aestus Relay.

[[https://0x9000009807ed12c1f08bf4e81c6da3ba8e3fc3d953898ce0102433094e5f22f21102ec057841fcb81978ed1ea0fa8246@builder-relay-mainnet.blocknative.com,Blocknative,true,Blocknative Relay]
[https://0xb0b07cd0abef743db4260b0ed50619cf6ad4d82064cb4fbec9d3ec530f7c5e6793d9f286c4e082c0244ffb9f2658fe88@bloxroute.regulated.blxrbdn.com,bloXroute,true,bloXroute Regulated Relay]
[https://0xad0a8bb54565c2211cee576363f3a347089d2f07cf72679d16911d740262694cadb62d7fd7483f27afd714ca0f1b9118@bloxroute.ethical.blxrbdn.com,bloXroute,true,bloXroute Ethical Relay]
[https://0x8b5d2e73e2a3a55c6c87b8b6eb92e0149a125c852751db1422fa951e42a09b82c142c3ea98d0d9930b056a3bc9896b8f@bloxroute.max-profit.blxrbdn.com,bloXroute,true,bloXroute Max-Profit Relay]
[https://0xac6e77dfe25ecd6110b8e780608cce0dab71fdd5ebea22a16c0205200f2f8e2e3ad3b71d3499c54ad14d6c21b41a37ae@boost-relay.flashbots.net,Flashbots,true,Flashbots Relay]
[https://0xb3ee7afcf27f1f1259ac1787876318c6584ee353097a50ed84f51a1f[email protected],Eden Network,true,Eden Network Relay]
[https://0x98650451ba02064f7b000f5768cf0cf4d4e492317d82871bdc87ef841a0743f69f0f1eea11168503240ac35d101c9135@mainnet-relay.securerpc.com/,Manifold Finance,false,Manifold SecureRPC Relay]
[https://0xa1559ace749633b997cb3fdacffb890aeebdb0f5a3b6aaa7eeeaf1a38af0a8fe88b9e4b1f61f236d2e64d95733327a62@relay.ultrasound.money,Ultra Sound,true,Ultra Sound Relay]
[https://0xa7ab7a996c8584251c8f925da3170bdfd6ebc75d50f5ddc4050a6fdc77f2a3b5fce2cc750d0865e05d7228af97d69561@agnostic-relay.net,Agnostic,true,Agnostic Relay]
[https://0xa15b52576bcbf1072f4a011c0f99f9fb6c66f3e1ff321f11f461d15e31b1cb359caa092c[email protected],Aestus,true,Aestus Relay]]