Node Operator Registry - Name & Reward address change

Lido’s Node Operator Registry contains a list of Node Operators and their associated address. In the permissioned node operator set, node operators’ are added to NOR after a successful DAO vote.

Node operators who wish to request either a rename in the on-chain NOR or a change of NOR Address. Please reply to this thread with the following information:

  • #id
  • What on-chain name do you wish to use
  • What address do you wish to use

Request to change on-chain name from Certus One to jumpcrypto:

  • #id - 1
  • on-chain name - jumpcrypto
  • reward address to remain as is

Request to change on-chain name from Consensys Codefi to Consensys:

  • #id - 21
  • on-chain name - Consensys
  • reward address to remain as is

Request to change on-chain name from “Kiln (ex-SkillZ)” to “Kiln” and reward address

  • #id - 8
  • on-chain name - Kiln
  • new reward address: 0xD6B7d52E15678B9195F12F3a6D6cb79dcDcCb690

Sending 0.01234 stETH from former NO address (0xe080E860741b7f9e8369b61645E68AD197B1e74C) to the new one (0xD6B7d52E15678B9195F12F3a6D6cb79dcDcCb690) and back to prove Kiln owns both addresses.

Transaction 1 from former NO to new NO
Transaction 2, from new NO to former NO back


Following up for Kiln change here are the two signatures


NOM team confirms the request made by Jump Crypto team member (previously Certus One).


NOM team confirms the request made by Consensys Staking team member (previously Codefi Staking) after their rebranding announcement here.


Aragon vote started!
The main phase, in which you can vote either in favor or against, will run for a duration of 48 hours and will conclude on April 27, 2023, at 16:05.
Please, cast your votes! Lido DAO Voting UI


Unfortunately, the vote did not gather the necessary number of votes to reach the quorum. We will repeat it, most likely in the second half of May.
However, if anyone has any concerns or ideas, feel free to share them here.

Stay tuned.

Requesting one minor change after discussion with team:

  • #id - 1
  • on-chain name - Jump Crypto
  • reward address to remain as is

thanks for the update, we’ll take that into account when we restart voting

  • ID: 22
  • on-chain name (no changes): RockLogic GmbH
  • node-operator address (change): 0x765c6a8f20c842E8C826B0D9425015784F982aFc

Tx to confirm the ownership of the addresses (see tx data for the encoded message): Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
Please note the new address is a multi-sig, the old address signed and executed the tx as well.


On-chain vote to change NO’s names and reward addresses (vote items 23-29) passed and was executed on the 30th of June


Request to change on-chain name from “Prysmatic Labs” to “Prysm Team at Offchain Labs”:

  • #id - 27
  • on-chain name - Prysm Team at Offchain Labs
  • reward address to remain unchanged

Hi there!

The on-chain voting to rename the NO with id 27 has started! You can cast your vote at Lido DAO Voting UI. The main phase will last for 48 hours, so please make sure to vote before it ends.

If the vote passes, the change will be enacted on Fri, Nov 3, at around 3 pm UTC.


As the previous vote didn’t reach quorum, a new vote with item #4 intended to rename “Prysmatic Labs” to “Prysm Team at Offchain Labs” has started.
You can cast your votes during the main phase until Nov 9 at 14:40 UTC.
The vote will end on Nov 10 at 14:40 UTC.

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The vote ended and was approved by the DAO!

The on-chain name of NO with id 27 was changed to “Prysm Team at Offchain Labs”

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