Offload maintenance tasks to Keep3r network


Someone needs to regularly call depositBufferedEther so the deposited ether is deposited into eth2.


I made a Keep3r network job which does exactly that. The network seems to work extremely well, we had all deposits processed by keepers without even announcing a new job was live.

The job processes 8-32 (256-1024 ether) deposits at a time and pays keepers 110% of fast gas price as reported by Chainlink (the default). It stops for a day if it detects a key shortage, i.e. less deposits processed than it requested.


Production. The job is deployed at 0x1EE5C83C4B43aaEd21613D5cc7835D36078ce03F.

Its status and available credits can be seen on


Missed that post - you’re the MVP!

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The job is out of credits, needs topping up.

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