Proposal to fund the depositor bot in Ethereum #2

On April 6 the snapshot for funding deposits (130 ETH / quarter) has passed, and the funds have been secured on 15 April with Aragon Vote. Due to the increased amount of stakes, 67 of 130 ETHs have been spent already. If the deposit rate stays the same, remaining funds may cover deposits for three more weeks.


Fund & refund deposit operations with 235.8 ETH in stETH to funding multisig.

Deposit funding (200 ETH)

Fund the deposit operations with 200 ETH. Presumably that would cover deposits for the 3 more months (though the actual rate depends on the gas prices & deposit rate). The funding is requested in stETH to the funding multisig.

Refund for dev team (35.8 ETH)

During the time between snapshot passing & the actual funding secured with Aragon vote dev team has spent 35.8 more ETH. We propose to refund these expenses sending the funds in stETHs to the funding multisig.

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