Proposal to refund money spent on deposits on Ethereum to the dev team

Over the last year, the dev team has been funding the Depositor bot. The bot secures and optimizes gas spending for ETH deposits to the beacon chain.

We propose to refund the dev team for gas spent on deposits so far: 254.684812629886507249 ETH.


  • Deposits spent so far: 237.81278370000229 ETH. (calculations)
  • Currently on bot’s wallet: 6.872028929884217249 ETH (Wallet address: 0xF82aC5937A20dC862F9bc0668779031E06000f17)
  • Buffer in the amount of 10 ETH, that will be used to refund all recent transfers to the depositor bot’s wallet from the dev team until it’s funded by DAO. Unspent ETH will be transferred to the bot’s wallet.

Wallet to refund: 0x48F300bD3C52c7dA6aAbDE4B683dEB27d38B9ABb (finance ops multisig wallet, mentions on research forum)

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Because of the increased activity in the last few days, we spent all the ETH left on the bot’s balance and spent more than the planned buffer (10 ETH), which we thought would be enough for the time of the snapshot and voting.

At this moment, about 260.7 ETH spent on transactions and about 5 ETH on the bot’s balance.


Since we spent more ETH than we expected due to the increased activity of depositing, we additionally funded the depositor bot with 35.781015372429639744 ETH.

Here are the calculations:

So far we have spent: 305.7645419871066 ETH. (calculations)
Currently on bot’s wallet: 4.701286015209546993 ETH. (0xF82aC5937A20dC862F9bc0668779031E06000f17)

The refund from DAO: 237.81278370000229 ETH. (details above)
Funding bot’s wallet from multi-sig wallet currently 20 ETH. (0x5181d5D56Af4f823b96FE05f062D7a09761a5a53)

Diff from income from DAO and ETH spent on deposits (and on bot’s wallet) is 35.781015372429639744 ETH.

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I double-checked the calculations.

Calculations from a different point of view:
Transfers from Lido gas multisig to the depositor: 45.8 ETH (Dune)
The buffer we requested: 10 ETH (details in the topic head)
Delta: 45.8 - 10 = 35.8 ETH

Inaccuracies that affected the calculations from the previous comment:

  • the balance increased by third-party incoming: 0.010252004465965381 (Dune)
  • the balance decreased due to reverted txs: 0.02856455410146882 (Dune)

35.781015372429639744 - 0.010252004465965381 + 0.02856455410146882 = 35.799327922065174253
Still, there is an inaccuracy, but it is much smaller now.

I guess we can consider 35.8 ETH to be the right amount.