Proposal to block a scammer's account

Hi there,

This morning I was a little bit sleepy and I wanted to subscribe for a new project on a launchpad. Usually I am really careful but this time I was at work, had to do it quite fast so I googled “Ape Terminal” and I clicked on the first result without seeing it was a “sponsorised link”. It sent me to a link which looks quite exactly the same as the original one.

So I connected my wallet and my tokens were stolen. I lost exactly : 24432 $RVST (Revest Token) and 191000 KNDX (Kondux token) which are worth around 10'000.

This is the transaction on etherscan : tx/0x23e335994ab173d0c99e719ac17afeb2cb466b1f949e7e4e5e60aff5e526d471

Then by tracking the transactions of the thief, I saw that he used Lido to withdraw his money, here is the transaction with the same wallet less than one hour after stealing my tokens (and others) : tx/0x058e7589837f86475733c02dd60500f1a80710a6357e7d1c36e5f3598c8cfb60

This same wallet is scamming and stealing a lot of people and uses Lido to withdraw his money easily. We can’t let him keep going like this. Something needs to be done to stop this guy and people like him. The image of Lido cannot be associated with a “thieves paradise”.

I hope you will understand my point here.

Best regards.

I think you have to report it to Google to take off the sponsorised site first. BTW, the tokens you lost (i.e. RVST & KNDX) were swapped to ETH via Uniswap.

Yes I already informed Google and I am waiting for them to take any actions but they are slow. The ad is still online …

Yes I saw the scammer immediately swapped the tokens into Eth through Uniswap and then sent the money to Lido. So the money is here