Referral Program Whitelisting [Ethereum]

Hey, it’s Scoopy Trooples from Alchemix.

The Alchemix Protocol would love to join the referral program whitelist. Alchemix is a CDP platform specializing in self-repaying, non-liquidatable loans ‚essentially an advance on your future yield. We have two core products currently, alUSD and alETH. We have also just launched our v2 architecture, which enables multi-collateral, multi-strategy CDPs on Alchemix.

The Alchemix core team has been working on a wstETH adapter for alETH to add it as collateral type, and we are now close to releasing it. Users will be able to deposit either ETH or wstETH into Alchemix for alETH collateral, with the ETH deposits being deposited into Lido wstETH. When withdrawing from the system, users can withdraw wstETH, or use a zap that sells their wstETH back to ETH.

We believe that wstETH with be an enormously popular addition to Alchemix, enhancing functionality for existing users, and attracting more users for Lido products. We at Alchemix are excited to enhance the utility of holding Lido wstETH and for wstETH to enhance the Alchemix protocol.


The best way to contact us at [email protected], or feel free to reach out to me on twitter or telegram @scupytrooples


We have a solid history of core and community lead governance, and are approaching our 40th Alchemix Improvement Proposal. We currently use a combination of snapshot and a community multisig to facilitate governance, and will upgrade to a full DAO with on-chain execution. The members of the 5/8 community and dev multisig have had a sterling track record in administering the governance mandates.

Governance discussion takes place primarily on our Discord and Forum

htt ps://

If accepted, it will be our contract that is depositing the ETH into Lido, but we’d prefer for the referral payout to go to the operational multisig.

alETH v2 Alchemist (depositor):0x062Bf725dC4cDF947aa79Ca2aaCCD4F385b13b5c
Alchemix operational multisig: 0x9e2b6378ee8ad2A4A95Fe481d63CAba8FB0EBBF9

Thanks for your consideration!


Good morning @anger!

Could you provide some more info on your business? discord is frontalpha#0210
twitter is @frontalpha_eth

Hey ,

it’s not a “business” i am just taking care to our group’s crypto assets.
Binance offers on ETH2 staking 5.6% also with a smart contract, i would prefer to diversify our investment.
your 3.6% +1% i can live with, if not i will just put all in one place,

Thanks ,

hey @frontalpha,

I came back here after a few months and I want to remind you again of the details about me including the wallet address you requested.

  • Name of the platform:

  • Background information:
    Content site of crypto and WEB3.
    Active in a large number of channels
    Facebook group 15.6K members - groups/345360959218752
    YouTube 2.4K Subscriptions -
    Telegram channel 1.36K subscribers
    TELEGRAM - macrobitchannel

Our advantage is that we are website in Israel and we want to prepare content so that there will be representation for LIDO in Israel.

  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program
    We produce a theoretical and practical instructional video on LIDO with an emphasis on the ETH2 explanation.
    In addition, we will write an article and be updated on an ongoing basis with the progress of the transition to POS.

I think we can be a good representation of his birth in Israel.

PS We have experience with references to cex and also in DeFI we started giving references to cowswap and more, you can see videos on the YouTube channel.

  • Wallet address for referrals -

A discussion on changing the referral program has started

Platform name: Mew Wallet
Background information: i dont kno how i got here in dis very moment of my life. I do kno dat all dis started cause i downloaded my mew wallet app so i can buy sum ether n have a wallet to store it in. Couple of months ago i sent ether to da mymewwallet app n i was jus looking around n clicking on shit n i accidentally clicked on lido n ended up staking my money with lido so ever since den ive been trying to get my money dat was staked with n by doing dat i kept adding more money n staking it n i didnt kno cause im new to dis ether thing. All said n done by da time i was done trying to unstake my first money dat i staked with lido i must have staked damn near a thousand bucks with lido n dey gave me dis token call steth cause of my ether dat was staked with lido. So ever since 2months ago ive been reading alot n doing alot of research on my ether dat was staked wit lido n now i kno y i couldnt unstake my ether or withdraw it. So if i read right wen i was given dis steth token 2months ago it was only 55 people dat held dis token n i was 1 of dem n now wen i look at how many holders of dis token now is about around 55000 people now with dis token. Now dat i think back on it dat dis shit wasnt no accident. I believe in everything happens for a reason n im so grateful dat i staked my ether with lido. N i done sign up with alot of ether app like etherscan, ethplore, coinmarketcap, blockscan, n quite of few other ether apps. But would sum 1 plzzzzz explain to me y my portfolios current ballance in coinmarketcap is 7 million. Can sum 1 plzz help explain dat to me i would appreciate it very much. Plzzzzz n thank u sooo much. N PLZZZ CAN MY ADDRESS BE WHITELISTED. THANK YOU AGANE N GOD BLESS Steth token holder/ether staked lido team.
How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: i plan to help as many ppl as i can. If i dont kno how to i promise dat i will figure it out or we can help each other figure it out. Plzz n thank u again bless u all dat took da time to build, make, n create all dis for people like me n all over da world n space.

Hello @frontalpha, hope you are well.
I am Yuhan, from CoolWallet.
Thank’s to your team, we’ve been whitelisted to the referral program and we are ready with our app adjustment to incorporate lido.

Because of the change to our corporate wallet address, would you add our new wallet address to the whitelist please.
New wallet address: 0xbAC452d6EFDc8F9450C1eD6dDe66DF62f01e6A4D

If there is only one address allowed, then please kindly replace our old address(old: 0x05ECAf39376088D7C8bF1aCc06015F71e35bFE35) with the new one above. Many thanks!

Hey Team
I request you to whitelist my address for Lido referral:


  • Platform name - Cryptostec
  • Background information - Professional crypto financial education website and helping in wider crypto adoption via education since 2017 in 16 languages.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program- By creating educational content in 16 languages and also creating video tutorial in 16 languages…

Already created a ton of content to help in wider adoption. Here are a few links:

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Hi there @MineDeFi @frontalpha,

  • Platform name: Index Cooperative
  • Background information: Index Cooperative is the leading on-chain strategy token provider, supporting simple and easy products which enable investors to access a range of crypto investment strategies in one-click. We are already a partner of Lido’s, using Lido as a money lego in our Internally Compounding Ethereum Index (icETH) product. We hope to do much more together!
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: We will will use potential Lido referral rewards to help increase the economics of our products (including icETH), thus driving their success, and in-turn even greater usage of Lido’s staking infrastructure. We also intend to generate an amount of PR for our partners in icETH, such as Lido, via a separate grants application.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Team,

I would also like to whitelist 0x42455BAeFAaAA545c1Cf501329D21aCeC1dAA635 as part of the Idols NFT project. This address is our new zapper contract we deployed which will allow users to directly bond ETH to receive our ERC-20 token VIRTUE, while staking ETH with Lido behind the scenes as a intermittent step.


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Morning guys! I’m reaching out to inform you on possible changes that could come to the referral program. I feel like there hasn’t been enough exposure and wanted to make sure you guys had an opportunity to comment and vote on the changes to the referral program.

Gov forum discussion: Referral Program Reform

Snapshot vote:

Lido has stopped accepting new applicants until we sort out the changes so apologies if you have been wondering why you haven’t heard back from me about your application!

Discord is frontalpha#0210 if you want to chat!

  • Platform name:
  • Background information: Cryptocoinzone is a site comparing the best interest rates and staking rewards for many different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum ETH. We would like Lido as an alternative here.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: I will list Lido where appropriate on my site:

Newly whitelisted referrals WITHOUT a rewards cap of 300 ETH per period:
Nexo- 0x6914fc70fac4cab20a8922e900c4ba57feecf8e1

Newly whitelisted referrals WITH a rewards cap of 300 ETH per period:

@Cryptocointrade I need an address you would like whitelisted

Your referral URL is Stake with Lido | Lido + the whitelisted address you submitted.

For example, the referral link for @iicc is

Stake with Lido | Lido

Liquid staking with Lido. Stake Ether with Lido to earn daily rewards while keeping full control of your staked tokens. Start earning rewards in just a few clicks.

Please make sure to make your referees follow referral program terms and conditions breaking which leads to declining rewards and potentially disqualification for a referral.


1.)Cycle staking. Cycle staking is using the same amount of ETH multiple times by converting stETH back to ETH and staking it again

2.) Removing liquidity from liquidity pools. This affects the stETH/ETH price peg so Lido will not incentivize that behavior with referral rewards. Liquidity pools include 1inch, Curve, Balancer, or Sushiswap.

3.) Adding/removing one sided liquidity to stETH / ETH pools with liquidity mining programs (such as Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap). Balanced stETH / ETH liquidity mining is very welcome and will referral rewards will still be issued.

4.) Other actions that are directly or indirectly affecting the ETH:stETH peg.

5.) Staking involved in criminal activity or a hack.

6.)Staking of ETH borrowed on lending/borrowing protocols (like Aave and others) is not going to be rewarded. It also relates to ETH that was bought with any other borrowed cryptocurrency (like DAI).

It is up to your discretion to disclose these rules to your customers/community members. Lido will only disqualify rewards for abuse cases but not all of your rewards. However, if we find a trend of continued abuse from your referral address Lido can decide to remove you from the referral white-list.

Lido has also created a telegram channel for any support issues you have, however you are welcome to contact us anyway you want.

If there are any issues or you feel that you should be included in the referral program reach out to me
at discord (frontalpha#0210)

There are two updates that the community should be aware of:

Referral Program Reform
-A discussion on reforming the referral program has been ongoing to allocate more funding for the referral program and change the amount of rewards that are earned. Referral Program Reform

Error in rewards calculation and reimbursement

The way that LDO referral rewards were being calculated from periods 5 through 8 were incorrect and some referral partners will be receiving additional LDO rewards for period 19.

According to Lido’s terms and conditions rewards are calculated 14-day TWAP(Time weighted average price) from the end of a 14-day payment period. However, during periods 5 through 8, rewards were being calculated 14-day TWAP from the beginning of a payment period. This was incorrect. This error was discovered after a referral partner did some accounting and found some irregularities in rewards they should be entitled to.

After Lido confirmed the error we went back and took account of all the referral partners that should have earned more rewards during those periods. To see if you are intitled to more rewards see the following google doc:

(Referral Program Discrepancy - Google Sheets)

For period 19, these discrepancies will be included in the payout through direct payments or through our partnership with Deversifi L2 solution.

If you have more questions or concerns about how rewards are calculated or how we discovered the errors please reach out to me at discord at frontalpha#0210 or twitter at @frontalpha_eth

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Hi all, the changes to the referral program look great and we are excited to see the results of the snapshot vote. DeversiFi would like to apply for the whitelist:

Platform name

Background information
DeversiFi is a Layer 2 DEX built on the StarkWare StarkEx scaling technology. DeversiFi aims to be your Layer 2 hub, enabling you to access all the best opportunities in DeFi, from one convenient, private and gas-free decentralized account. You can trade, swap, send and invest on DeversiFi, as well as bridging to Polygon, Arbitrum and Bitfinex instantly and with very low fees.

How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program
DeversiFi has recently launched wstETH staking - allowing anyone to stake & unstake their ETH for wstETH completely gas-free and in private. DeversiFi user can also see their wstETH earnings (displayed as accrued interest) and manage their swapping and investing in one easy to use layer 2 control centre.

Earning LDO rewards will allow DeversiFi to keep fees to the end-user as low as possible, as well as being able to scale the amount of collateral used in the DeFi pooling service -allowing greater amounts of wstETH to be available to customers at any one time.



Dear Lido team

I’m Crypto blogger my site provide news and educational content for Thailand crypto industry

I would like to help express benefit of Lido for incoming of the merge
my address : 0x0c44367bEfE26e4Ee97950A902cDe3aF3bE272D2

Hello, I am interested in being Whitelisted for the Lido Referral Program. I am an affiliate marketer and content creator having generated a significant amount of high value referrals for 1inch DEX, Brave Browser, and many other programs.

In addition to being an advocate of Lido I also have a vast network of investors who are interested in DeFi and while I do not recommend just any program to them, I absolutely feel comfortable with recommending Lido.

I only recommend projects and programs that help promote my credibility, not hurt it and therefore I am interested in promoting Lido to not only provide valuable opportunities to my network but in return the quality of Lido would also help to solidify my reputation. I do thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope to hear from you soon.

The wallet I am interested in using is the same wallet I am using to stake with. My referral earnings would be put back into Lido for additional staking rewards. Thank you.



Due to business increasing, we’d like to apply 3 more addresses below to be whitelisted. Please also add them to the reward direct payment white list instead of getting rewards from deversifi. Thanks.
Antalpha ETH address batch 2: :


Hi I would like to be added to the whitelist please

@Ethvest please dm me on discord at frontalpha#0210
twitter at @frontalpha_eth, or here on the gov forum.

Lido made a mistake on payments and you received the wrong amount of LDO referral rewards