Reimbursement for stakefish 2023-02-17 Ethereum Incident

Dear all,

This is stakefish. We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to share with you our full postmortem of the recent incident that occurred on 2023-02-17. The full write up can be found here: ipfs://QmU4DWMZPaBuJUkuQsheHZzYcezJbudLtdRFMQaRBBATfh

After careful consideration and analysis, we have calculated the reimbursement amount to be 8.3183 ETH, based on data from Rated compiled by the Lido team, and other calculations that ranged from 7.3757 ETH (our internal calculation) to 9.7154 ETH (Lido team calculation using max-bid for EL rewards). We have decided to take the median value of 8.3183 ETH as the reimbursement amount.

We sent the 8.3183 ETH to the Lido Execution Layer Rewards Vault 0x388C818CA8B9251b393131C08a736A67ccB19297 in this transaction: 0xaa598bfbbe9782cb289a28b5401f030ac5ff88670017973bcabd520aadf8ffdf

Thanks to all the help and support provided by everyone during and after this incident! We’ve learnt a lot and improved our processes as a result.


Hey md. Thanks again for raising the issue timely and working diligently to remedy the incident and the (as always) thorough and public writeup.


Dostanę kiedyś te eth czy nie … wybaczcie ale nie mam pojęcia o krypto … sory za zamieszanie

[ 07/03/2023 17:48:28] I, hereby verify that I am the owner/creator of the address [0x57f1887a8bf19b14fc0df6fd9b2acc9af147ea85]… why i have problem with that contract…