Reimbursement for stakefish 2024-01-13 Ethereum Incident

We wanted to share with you our postmortem of the recent incident that occurred on 2024-01-13 that affected a portion of Lido validators operated by stakefish. The full write up can be found here: ipfs://QmPhxTsvmTdnQXNSQEuLK1f8jehCA7i5BuPkWzCbbABGNt

We have reimbursed 2.2673 ETH to the Lido Execution Layer Rewards Vault 0x388C818CA8B9251b393131C08a736A67ccB19297 in this transaction: 0x690fa2c46bbd6d49f2f63b65a493fe4df0f570b2f49c212da90f953e4197808a The reference calculation can be found here.


Thank you for the incident report and the compensation to stakers!