Starting staking

Hello, am I correct to assume, I set up my wallets, then transfer my crypto and the staking begins? Just like that? That easy?


You can stake your ETH using Afterwards, you can simply hold stETH in your wallet to earn staking rewards. Be weary of any impersonators/scammers, no admins will ever message you first.


Thank you very much for your efforts

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Providing stamp of approval :+1:


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Hello, I’m trying to stake Solana using both Solflare and Trust mobile wallets for last few days but I constantly get message saying: “Something went wrong”. Does anyone have idea how can this be solved?


Hey Cupo! This Yuri, Product manager from Lido on Solana team here.

We need more details on this case.
Can you please provide, at what step do you see this message? What is your setup: Chrome extension, Mobile app? Any other details?

You can also contact our team in Lido discord, in #solana channel so we can be more responsive.


I would like to stay at your resort indefinitely starting tomorrow and I need to know if that is possible and if you have any suggestions for transportation?

Thank you for reaching out to us, but I believe there might be a slight misunderstanding. Lido DAO is not a resort in the traditional sense. Instead, it provides liquidity for staked tokens which can be seen as a different kind of “resort”. Allow me to explain.

Lido offers an opportunity for individuals like yourself to mint amounts of stTokens which correspond to the amount of tokens sent as stake and receive staking rewards. While it may not be the conventional idea of a resort, it certainly provides an exciting and entertaining experience.

If you’re interested in joining, you can start staking at indefinitely starting tomorrow. Or even today.
When the time comes for you to conclude your staking journey, you can simply withdraw all your staked tokens.

Although we might not be the typical resort you initially envisioned, we welcome you to explore the possibilities that Lido DAO has to offer. If you have any further questions or need assistance with transportation suggestions, feel free to let us know. We’re here to help!


Hi there,I’m using mobile phone. I need help to get started. Thanks

You can request help on the Lido telegram community: Telegram: Contact @lidofinance or ask here!

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